Direct Mail Marketing

Back in the early years, the use of postal mail has been very common. It is the preferred mode of communication of almost all people. Lovers send sweet notes and companies send business letters via postal mail. These are some of the examples of the use of the mail via the postal system. As you noticed today, the use of the postal mail has greatly declined. The main reason for that is the birth of new technologies. One technology worth mentioning that leads to the decline of the use of the postal mail is the invention of the internet. With the birth of the internet, electronic mail or email emerged. To make matters worse for postal mail, almost everyone has already access to the internet and so with the email. liteblue login

The use of email has been widespread that even the latest statistics shows over 200 million plus users make use of a popular email provider. The figure mentioned does not include other free email providers and so with paid providers. That figure shows that the email is very popular among the majority.

The majority are not to be blamed because using the email has a lot of advantages. One clear advantage is the fast delivery. For a typical postal delivery, it would take days or weeks depending on the location of the receiver of the mail to receive the mail but the email just counts seconds or minutes and the person receive the mail. Another advantage is that it will cost you little or nothing to send an email given that you have an existing internet connection.

With that being said that it will cost little or nothing at all in sending out emails, companies take advantage of using email in doing businesses. People doing direct mail marketing in the past use the old postal system has now shifted to sending out emails because of its cost effectiveness. It has been a great help since it saves time and money. Based on the data from several references, direct mail marketing using email has been more successful than the traditional way. With that positive figure, one must clearly agree that when it comes to marketing via direct mail, the use of email is a must.

Despite the clear advantage of using email in business, you must proceed with caution. The internet is full of unscrupulous individuals just waiting for the right moment to commit fraud. Identify theft is a clear description on why you must be careful in dealing with emails.

The disadvantage being brought up must not deter businesses in using the email. In fact, it must develop ways to curb the disadvantages. If the disadvantages can’t be eliminated then a workaround must be in place.