The US Postal Service Shouldn’t Blame Private Enterprise for Their Demise Liteblue USPS Gov Login

The United States Postal Service has indeed served our nation well, “rain or shine” they were there for us almost every working day of our lives, but some things change, after all, “change is the only constant” Liteblue USPS Gov Login or someone once said. Today, the USPS is in dire straits financially, and it seems whatever they do they are faced with a challenge; how to stop the bleeding. Okay so, let’s talk shall we? liteblue usps

Yes, the innovation of the Internet and prior to that fax machines, were probably two innovations which took the biggest toll. The USPS did not adapt to compete, quite frankly they didn’t have too, they had for all intents and purposes; a guaranteed monopoly. No one could put anything inside of those boxes, and American citizens had been conditioned to go check the mail daily to see what was inside. Suddenly, “you’ve got mail” took on an entirely different meaning.

Those were not the only two major hits of innovation to challenge the post office. The heir to the Greyhound fortune had just graduated Harvard Business School with a new novel idea; overnight package delivery using a spoke and hub system – yes, Fred Smith started Federal Express, today known as FedEx. Now, you are beginning to see just some of what the USPS must deal with – besides the weather.

There was an interesting article in the Ventura County Reporter on August 15, 2013 by Raymond Freeman titled; “RIP, USPS” which talked about the severe financial challenges going on today with the United States Post Office. The article made a troubling comment;

“Could it be that FedEx and UPS contributions of $100 billion to the Republican Party had anything to do with the slow destruction of the Post Office? Nah, couldn’t be. Don’t be cynical.”

Not then, I find it unfortunate because it seems as if free-market enterprise is taking the heat for a government run and taxpayer supported monopoly gone bad – free-enterprise governments shouldn’t have to lobby their government to level the playing field. As exhibit one, I’d like to call in my key witness, namely Thomas DiLorenzo PhD economist and his work: “The Myth of Natural Monopolies” and you can view one of his lectures at no cost on YouTube if you wish to look that up, it’s about 1-hour and a good education for you, in my view.