Yahoo Outlook 2010 – Configure Outlook 2010 For Yahoo Mail

Outlook 2010 is the newest email powerhouse from Microsoft. One of its many talents is the ability to manage multiple email accounts at once. That means it allows you to work with all your email without ever leaving Outlook. It takes only minutes to configure Outlook 2010 for Yahoo email and establish the Yahoo Outlook connection.

Unfortunately, there is an issue to deal with when you try to get Yahoo and Outlook 2010 working together. A Yahoo Outlook connection requires you to have a premium Yahoo email account. That is, you must have a Yahoo Mail Plus account or a Yahoo Business Email account.

For whatever reason, Yahoo decided years ago not to allow any third party email programs (such as Outlook) connect to the Yahoo Mail servers with a free account. In a more positive light, converting your current Yahoo Mail account into a Yahoo Mail Plus account is fast and simple. And no one you correspond with will even notice the difference.


If you are using your Yahoo email account for business, you might want to consider a Yahoo Business Mail account. These are more expensive than the Mail Plus accounts, but have some potential advantages for business users. Actually configuring Outlook for Yahoo Mail follows almost the same process as for Mail Plus.

Do you sometimes install software on your computer or otherwise make changes to the way it works or what is running on it? If so, you are capable of setting up either a Mail Plus or Business Mail account for yourself.

The instructions for doing this aren’t tough, but they are a fair number of steps involved. In addition, the exact steps you need to follow vary depending on which version of Outlook you are working with. The smart move is to get a current set of instructions to be sure all goes smoothly. The ideal instructions will take you through every step of the process, from converting your free Yahoo email account into a Mail Plus account, to the exact steps needed to configure Outlook 2010 for Yahoo Mail.